Picking the Best Back-to-School Car in Kearney

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Whether your kid just got their license or they’re heading off to college, you want to know they’re behind the wheel of a vehicle that can handle anything – especially when you can’t be there to help.
Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best back-to-school car for your kid on our lots in Kearney.

Find a First Car Price

There’s nothing wrong with being smart about funds, especially if you’re helping foot the bill on steep tuition costs. Besides, there’s not much sense in junior parking a shiny new number in the school parking lot where it’ll get dinged up by every careless kid who pulls in next to it.

That’s why used cars and SUVs are a good call for high school and college drivers. What you need is a reliable vehicle from folks you can trust, and if a few chips in paint equal a lower sticker price, all the better.

Keep Those Miles on Budget

Like most parents, you can’t wait for your kid to come home from college to tell you all about their first weeks at school. It’s more likely they’ll make the trip home if their rig isn’t guzzling gas money.
Besides, a more efficient vehicle is better for the environment, means less time lost stopping to fill-up, and decreases the chance your student winds up on the side of the road googling “How to get gasoline on the highway.”

Check out these used cars and SUVs that get at least 20 MPG, or raise the bar even higher with used cars and SUVs getting between 30 and 40 MPG on the highway.

Give Them All the Space They Need

Another thing to consider is how your student is going to use their vehicle. If they’re still living at home, they might just be driving to and from  school. If that’s the case, they’re probably all set with a solid pre-owned coupe or car.

On the other hands, kids headed out of town or out of state for college might need more room to haul laundry, school supplies, a mini fridge, and whatever else. If you want them to be able to pack most of their stuff in, you should be looking at a used SUV, such as the GMC Terrain.
Just remember that the kid with the most room for passengers is the one who’s always going to get to drive! Maybe you’d prefer your kid be at the helm – or maybe you’d prefer they’re safely buckled in the back seat.

If you have questions about specific safety features on any of our new or used vehicles, you can send them right from that vehicle’s page on our website by clicking “Ask” or give us a ring at (888) 270-1246.

Car Care

Set Your Kid Up with the Best Car Possible

No matter what vehicle you end up choosing, take the time to make sure your student knows how to handle it. Bring them along to kick the tires, and we’ll help point out anything they need to know.

Here’s a few inventories we recommend to start your search. Still, when all’s told, you know your kid and what they’ll need best, so feel free to start your search from the very beginning with Midway’s full used vehicle selection.

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