Meet Midway Monday: Josh Rohde, Product Specialist

May 1st, 2017 by

Josh Rohde

It’s #MeetMidwayMonday! Today, we want to introduce you to Josh Rohde, Product Specialist at Midway Chrysler

Have you worked with Josh? Has he helped you find your next new or used vehicle? We want to hear from you in the comments!

Hometown: Eddyville, NE

Question 1: How long have you worked here? How long in the automotive industry?

Josh: I have been in the automotive industry for 3.5 years now – all of them spent with Midway.

Question 2: What fuels your day?

Josh: Pre-workout shakes and pumping iron. But seriously….the best part about this job is that there is something new everyday.

Question 3: What’s your favorite vehicle on the lot?

Josh: That’s a tough call. There are so many vehicles on our lot that I love, it just kind of depends on the day. Right now, I will go with the Ram 1500 Longhorn Limited.

Question 4: What makes Midway CDJR a great place to shop?

Josh: We have a great lineup of brands. The culture is awesome. But it really comes down to the strong relationships we have with our valued customers.

Question 5: What do you do in your free time?

Josh: I am a big sports fan, so anything that involves playing or watching sports takes up a bunch of my free time. I also enjoy watching live theater. A coworker of mine hooked me on it.

Question 6: The Hassle-Free philosophy is great. How does that help you as a sales consultant?

Josh: It allows us to let our customers know that they are getting the best deal up front. We do not start off at a high price and play the back and forth game because most people do not enjoy the stress of the negotiating process. With the way we price our vehicles, you get the best price without the hassle.

Question 7: What do you drive?

Josh: I drive a black 2016 Chrysler 300…it kind of looks like the Batmobile, only cooler.

Question 8: What do you like best about working at Midway CDJR?

Josh: Kearney is a great community with fantastic people. So, it is always great to meet new people from the area everyday. The best part about working at Midway may be the people that I work with here. We have a great group of men and women here that are always willing to help each other out. It makes it fun coming to work everyday.

Question 9: What makes Midway CDJR different from other dealerships in the area?

Josh: There are many places to buy vehicles. I’d like to think that our specialty, other than hassle-free pricing, is truly striving for 100% customer satisfaction: before, during and after the sale. We care about the whole ownership experience.

Question 10: What is something most people don’t know about you?

Josh: I’m really good at Dance Dance Revolution. My nickname in high school was Hot Feet.

Have you worked with Josh? We want to hear from you in the comments!

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