3 Tips for Getting a Repair Estimate After a Car Accident

March 21st, 2016 by

Car AccidentCollecting estimates for a repair is an essential when getting back on the road after damage to your vehicle in an accident or collision. Quality, cost and timing are three of the key factors to consider when getting a repair estimate.

The following tips can help make the repair process less stressful run more smooth:

  1. Do your research – When it comes to choosing the collision center that is right for you, make sure to choose well-established shops with a proven history of performing quality work. Get at least three separate written estimates that include a detailed breakdown of all repairs including parts and labor charges.
  2. Don’t base your decision on price alone – Estimates can vary greatly, but just because an estimate is higher than another, doesn’t necessarily mean a repair center is overcharging. Be cautious if your insurance adjuster suggests a shop where the cost is considerably lower than other estimates you received. You may unhappy with the results. Complete a line-by-line comparison of all estimates you receive so you can make an informed choice. Quality repair should be your number one priority.
  3. Don’t let your insurance company delay the repairs – You don’t have to wait for your insurance agency to send an adjuster out to survey the damage before you begin gathering estimates. If you need to get back on the road and your adjustor hasn’t arrived within a week, you can pay for repairs yourself then request reimbursement from your insurer. Keep in mind that it may be more difficult to get the full amount reimbursed after the work is completed, especially if you go with the highest estimate.

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