Your Guide to Midway Company Cars


Have you heard about dealership courtesy cars or company cars but aren’t really sure what they are? Don’t let the different terms confuse you, a courtesy car and company car are the same thing at Midway Auto!


Company cars, also called courtesy cars, help out drivers who are in a pinch and are also available to purchase later on. Learn about the different uses for company cars and why purchasing a Midway company car could be the deal of a lifetime.


Here For You Whenever You Need Us


If you get in an accident with your vehicle and it needs repairing at Midway Collision Center, or your vehicle simply needs a good old-fasioned service, look no further than the Service Department at Midway GM or Midway Chrysler. We’re here to make sure the time without your own vehicle is as short as possible.


Midway understands that life goes on after an accident or during a routine service. That’s why we do our best to keep your schedule as normal as possible with our company cars. These vehicles act as a shuttle service, bringing you where you need to be without having to worrying about finding your own form of transportation.


Great Deals on Midway Company Cars


Once company cars have put on roughly 3,000 miles, they are put on the lot and available for anyone to purchase. Company cars don’t typically come to mind when searching for a new vehicle, but they should be! At Midway Auto, we have a variety of company cars available for purchase at incredible deals!


Why can you purchase company cars at such a low price? Midway receives additional rebates from General Motors and Chrysler to offer these vehicles as loaner cars. Midway also depreciates these vehicles as they are in service. Eventually, these savings are passed along to you!


Company cars are sold at these lower prices with all of the same factory warranties and OEM incentives as brand new vehicles at Midway GM. Company cars at Midway Chrysler come with all the benefits of our Certified Preowned Program. Plus, our company cars are consistently serviced, so you know that the vehicle is in excellent condition.


Wondering about financing? Many of these vehicles still qualify for factory rebates and special financing terms offered by the manufacturer.


Want to learn more about Midway’s company cars? Search our inventory or contact us today to learn more!