Midways New Company Cars Program, A Bargain Hunters Dream

October 12th, 2015 by

Bargain ShoppersWith black Friday only six weeks away, bargain hunters are starting to feel the itch. The need to find that one great deal shouldn’t be bottled up all year long. So for those who desire the search, Midway Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac and Midway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are now offering Midway Company Cars for sale. These company vehicles are truly a bargain hunters dream.

Midway Chrysler and Midway GM have announced a new program called Midway Company Cars. These vehicles are new cars and trucks which Midway has used as company cars within the dealerships. These vehicles have primarily been used as courtesy vehicles for the service departments or the collision center. They’re typically in service for about three months and on average have 3,000 miles on them. A customer can save a lot of money if they are willing to purchase a vehicle with a few thousand miles on it rather than new one with no miles.

Here are some common questions and answers we have received about Midway Company Cars.

Question: Am I the first owner of the vehicle?
Answer: There are two different types of Midway Company Cars. One, the vehicle was titled to Midway. In this case, Midway purchased a brand new vehicle and titled the car. A customer purchasing this car will be the second owner as Midway was the first. The second type is a customer will be the first registered owner of the vehicle. The customer will take ownership of the vehicle by signing the manufacturer statement of origin or MSO.

Q: Do I receive the factory warranty?
A: Yes. The customer will receive the manufacturer’s warranty. In some cases the factory recognizes the customer as the first purchaser of the vehicle. In this case the warranty and any programs start on the day the customer purchases the Midway Company Car.

Q: Why can I save so much on a Midway Company Car versus a brand new car?
Answer: Midway receives additional rebates from General Motors and Chrysler to offer these vehicles as loaner cars. Midway also depreciates these vehicles as they are in service. So those savings are passed along to the purchasing customer.

Q: Do these vehicles qualify for special financing or additional rebates offered by manufacturer?
A: Many of these vehicles still qualify for the factory rebates and special financing terms offered by the manufacturer.

Q: How do I find out which vehicles are company cars?
A: You can visit www.thinkmidway.com and see the list of current Midway Company Cars for sale and vehicles which will become Midway Company Cars. Just click on the Midway Company Cars button.


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