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We're making it easier to get a Kearney oil change. Dropping in for an oil change can go quickly or be the slowest to-do on your schedule. You never know if the lineup of vehicles will be long or short. So we're making it easier to get your oil changed on your time.

Why change my car's oil?

The most important maintenance you can do for your vehicle is a regular oil change. Depending on the make of your vehicle it can range from every 3,000 miles to every 10,000 miles. It's best to look at your owner's manual. Many new cars have computer systems that monitor when it's time to change the oil.

As oil is used in the vehicle, it breaks down and doesn't hold up to as much heat. It  will absorb water that can rust metal parts, and it lets dirt particles rub against your car's parts. Oil reduces the overall heat and provides a thin viscous layer between parts so they do not rub together directly. If a regular oil change doesn't occur, the parts can wear down when they rub against each other and the dirt particles.

What kind of oil should I use?

There are several kinds of oil you can put in your vehicle. We recommend you find one type and stick with it throughout the life of your vehicle.
  • Conventional and Premium Oils: Newer cars are designed for a blend of traditional and synthetic oil. Traditional oil is not fuel-efficient and requires more frequent oil changes.
  • Synthetic-blend Oil: This is a combination of premium oil and a little synthetic mixed in to better protect your car during heavy engine loads and high engine temperatures.
  • Full-synthetic Oil: Synthetic oils are made for high-tech car engines. Your owner's manual will tell you if you need it. If not, don't spend the extra money.
The best oil change near Kearney is at Midway

Confused by all the options? Our Midway service staff are qualified and trained to help select the right oil for your vehicle. 

How long does an oil change take at our Kearney car dealerships?

Our state-of-the-art service department at both Kearney car dealerships can get you out in under an hour if we're not super busy. You can just stop by, call us to make an appointment, or make your oil change appointment online.

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